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Is your PC clogged up with files having identical content, but different file names, different file dates, stored in the same and/or different directories?.

Download and use MXcleaner to identify and optionally remove from your PC, audio, image, video, documents and other files with identical contents, having the same or different file names and/or different file dates, partially downloaded or zero length __INCOMPLETE___ WinMX files , stored in the same or different directory trees.

MXcleaner for Windows 2000 and later (installer included).zip (73KB) Version 1.0.0

MXcleaner for Linux x86-32 Bit (installer included).zip (24KB) Version 1.0.0

MXcleaner for Linux x86-64 Bit (installer included).zip (25KB) Version 1.0.0

MXcleaner How-To 

MXcleaner source code (GPL-3) 


 Gentoo Xfce as VirtualBox-5.1.32 Client.

This VirtualBox vdi disk image contains pre-installed:
Gentoo, Xorg, Xfce Desktop, Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, VLC, SMplayer, Filezilla, and many useful utilities. 

Gentoo-VBOX README (Installation instruction for Gentoo Xfce client) (2.9KB)
This file contains instructions regarding the installation and configuration of the VirtualBox client.

Gentoo-Xfce-Master.tar.xz (VirtualBox image file) (1.5GB)
This file contains the configuration files to run Gentoo Xfce fron the VirtualBox GUI and the VirtualBox vdi disk image.